Consultative Security Assessment

Here at Lead Star, our expert team will provide a consultative security assessment to evaluate your needs to determine what services best fit your business.
Every organization needs a well thought-out security plan to promote safety and protect life and assets. We will work with you to design a strategy that can accomplish your targeted security objectives.
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Consultative Security Assessment
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Risk Assessments & Consultative Security Assessments

Comprehensive vulnerability and liability exposure assessment of current security operations, security policies and procedures, parking facilities, overall lighting, and overall client, assets, and/or property settings.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Assessment (CPTED)

Review and assessment of the ‘natural’ and/or existing site design and effective use of the built environment, that can lead to the reduction in the fear and victim of criminal or unwanted activity.

Security Policies and Procedures

Review and assessment of current security policies and procedures. Originate or revision of current policies and procedures are prepared to meet client specific requirement and adherence to all laws and regulations.

Safety Audits

On-site safety audits are conducted in accordance with Lead Star and client specified policies and procedures and all government laws and regulations. Lead Star ensures that each specified site location is in complete compliance with industry standards, laws, and regulations.

Security Systems Assessment

Consultative security assessment and evaluation of current electronic surveillance, access control, alarm and alarm response, and motion detection in accordance with industry standards and client requirements.

Additional Services

Pre-Event Planning, Advance Travel Planning, Employee Termination, Community Corrections, and Community Supervision

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Lead Star Security provides protection services to a wide range of industries. We leverage our experience to provide a full-scope solution for your business needs.

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