Corporate Risk

Lead Star Security Corporate Risk Division delivers specialized solutions that mitigate enterprise security threats. Leadership staffed with professionals majority of whom have law enforcement backgrounds as well as government/military backgrounds. Planned corporate executive protection, active shooter mitigation and pro-active incident response are brought together to mitigate security threats.  The leadership augmented with Lead Star Security network of strategic partners and assets makes Lead Star Security Corporate Risk Division the partner of choice for securing your organization from external and internal threats.  

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A Premier RLEO & ODO

Lead Star Security is recognized in Sacramento and throughout California as a premier Retired Law Enforcement Officer (RLEO) and Off -Duty Officer (ODO) employer. Our security roster exclusively consists of seasoned active and retired law enforcement officers representing various law enforcement agencies throughout the state of California and United States.

RLEO and ODO are intricately familiar with federal, state and local laws, as well as the services and protocols of law enforcement agencies. They complete the highest levels of training available in the areas of safety, security and public protection with extensive emphasis on problem solving, conflict resolution and crisis management.


The goal of our ERT/CIRT is to restore and/or maintain operations and minimize losses prior to, during and after an emergency incident. We can be called in during any of the Five roles in emergency response:

  • Prevention

  • Mitigation

  • Preparedness

  • Response

  • Recovery

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Active Shooter/Assailant Mitigation/Training
  • Workplace Violence Mitigation
  • Security Threats
  • Threat Assessments
  • Natural Disaster Security
  • Business Interruption
  • City/County and State Emergency Mutual Aid
  • Temporary Emergency/Homeless Shelter Policies and Procedures
  • Public Health Emergency Crises
ODO Security Guard talking with RLEO Security Guard



Lead Star Security’s executive protection services, more commonly known as “bodyguard services,” refers to the comprehensive close protection security service for any client’s property, assets or life deemed at risk. Our close protection methodology originates from several state and federal law enforcement agencies as well as private training techniques that are field proven in a broad spectrum of events and circumstances.

We also provide Covert Protection. Covert protection allows our clients to go about their daily routine without feeling the presence of the protection team, giving our client a sense of freedom and still know that they have the required protection they want and deserve.

The key element in our executive protection methodology is “AVOIDANCE.” Our executive protection agents have extensive training in client service, risk assessment, deescalation, physiognomics, travel/transportation and appropriate use of force when necessary.

Lead Star Security Corporate Risk Services Executive Protection team provides close and covert protective and travel risk services that optimize individual safety. These services include:

  • Travel Risk Management

  • Special Event Management

  • Protective Programs Development & Training

  • Airport Transfers/Meet & Greet

  • Residential Protection Agents

Risk Consulting

Lead Star Security Corporate Risk Services Risk Consulting team specialize in optimizing business continuity strategies and programs that protect assets, employees, customers, and strategic business information. These services include:

  • Consultations

    Every organization needs a well thought-out security plan to promote safety and protect life and assets. Our expert team will evaluate and assess your needs to determine what services best fit your needs.
    Then we will work with you to design a strategy that can accomplish your targeted security objectives.

  • Risk Assessments

    Comprehensive vulnerability and liability exposure assessment of current security operations, security policies and procedures, parking facilities, overall lighting, and overall client, assets, and/or property settings.

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Assessment (CPTED)

    Review and assessment of the "natural" and/or existing site design and effective use of the built environment, that can lead to the reduction in the fear and victim of criminal or unwanted activity.

  • Security Plan

    Review and assessment of the security issues, needs that exist.

  • Security Systems Assessment

    Evaluation of current electronic surveillance, access control, alarm and alarm response, and motion detection in accordance with industry standards and client requirements.

  • Safety Audits

    On-site safety audits are conducted in accordance with Lead Star and client specified policies and procedures and all government laws and regulations. Lead Star ensures that each specific site location is in complete compliance with industry standards, laws, and regulations.

  • Security Policies and Procedures

    Review and assessment of current security policies and procedures. Originate and/or revision of current policies and procedures are prepared to meet client specific requirements and adherence to all laws and regulations.

  • Additional Services

    Pre-Event Planning, Advance Travel Planning, Employee Termination, Community Corrections, Community Correctional Supervision, Program Development & Training, Crisis Management, Workplace Violence/Active Shooter Mitigation, Union Agreement/Issues



Lead Star Security in partnership with Clay Investigation and Security, LLC can provide a full suite of high quality and cost-effective private investigation services. Our investigative partnership will provide discreet, experienced and effective results with emphasis on being discreet and effective. We adapt any and all of our services to fit your needs. Services include:
  • Pre-Employment, Background Checks, Background Investigation
  • Workplace Harassment
  •  Equal Employment Opportunity/Diversity and Inclusion
  • Various Investigations
  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Physical Surveillance
  • Video Surveillance
  • Covert CCTV Installation
  • Insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Opposition Research
Corporate Risk Investigations