Security Guard’s Role and Emergency Preparedness Procedures

Security Guard Emergency Response Procedures

Security Guard Emergency Response

Security guards emergency response procedures have become a critical part of any organization’s preparedness for a crisis. Security companies are now providing training to respond to almost any type of emergency. However, their role and the corresponding response in any emergency are often pre-determined by procedures of their company and collaboration with the client protocols.

It should be a priority to document ALL roles in an emergency response plan. How the security guard staff partners in these procedures is critical as part of the emergency response management team. Before security guards begin work at a location, there should be a training program to detail and educate guards on their roles for various incidents that may occur at the location. For example,training for a security guard’s response to a natural disaster situation would be different from a response to a trespasser situation.

Lead Star Security trains and employs top-notch security personnel, many of whom are career private security personnel and former law enforcement personnel. In addition, we add to their skill set with many hours of more specific, in-depth training.

A Security Guard’s Role as Part of the Emergency Response Team (ERT)

The role of a security guard can vary greatly depending upon their location, industry, or business. The role of a security guard may be to:

  • Call first responders and alert them 
  • Alert their locations emergency response chain of command 
  • Investigate the leading cause of the emergency
  • Follow emergency procedures provided in location training

All security guard response teams should thoroughly understand basic protective principles and respond to various alarms accordingly.


Essential Roles Of Security Guards Faced With An Emergency


Prevention is one of the essential duties of a security guard. Keeping a crisis from ever happening is far preferable to dealing with a crisis reactively. While on duty, security guards should remain vigilant in their observation and documentation of potential hazards and threats to mitigate potential crises. 


Whenever an incident or emergency occurs security guards must ensure they communicate with their chain of command once they confirm the emergency. The emergency response management team’s contact information and protocols should be a “living” document, and security guards can then contact the appropriate people in an heighten situations


During location training and regular patrolling of the property, security guards must know the location’s evacuation routes. Security guards should check all entries and emergency exit to ensure an evacuation is possible in a crisis event. Any impediment must be removed, recorded, and reported to ensure it remains clear.

Other Roles

Certain workplaces may have potential exposures to harmful machinery, materials, and chemicals. In any organization, security guards should have access to harmful safety data sheets to gain proper knowledge about the surroundings of the location and its contents if an emergency situation occurs. Specialized training may be necessary for specific organizations and should be incorporated into any crisis management plan. 

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